It’s crazy if you look out the window

You’ll see a lot

Of places to go

But the world’s even bigger than the view you’ve got

And you can go a million places

Travel different galaxies

Live out of your suitcases

Find a million wonders that you’ll always leave

And all around there’s so much out there

And so much in the world to see

But don’t forget about right here

Where I’ll always be

And you know I’ll be waiting

Don’t forget to check the messages on your phone

I’m ready for celebrating

The day you finally come home

And there’s a lot of people- so many different faces

And everything from L.A. to Italy

But I can still fill your spaces

And you still belong with me

Get lost in ancient temples from so long ago

Or drown in the city lights

Try to sleep even if you know

They’ll burn all night

Just a couple million more places to hit

And you’ll be the first

To go to every place there is

In this universe

And you could live the night life and then sleep all day

Stay in a billion different hotels and fly countless planes

And all that time just speeds away

You go so many places but you never stay

Because there’s just one place that is calling your name

And maybe soon you’ll come back

And I know one day you’ll come back to the place from where you came

Get your heart back on the right track

And there’s so many different countries, so many different nations

And there’s so much to see in such little time

Gotta make an X on every location

Just remember where you left your heart with mine

And no matter where you are

I know you’ll return like you promised

I love you past all those distant stars

And please always remember this

No matter where you go or where you leave from

You’ll never be alone

I’m right here when you finally come




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