You say that it’ll be okay

That you have nothing I can’t see

You say you’d give it all away

Just for me

But there’s things I don’t know

And there’s things you don’t know and I

Know we’ve finally crossed a line

Found a knife sharp enough to sever these ties

Because it’s been one too many lies this time

You say let’s try and work this out

That it can all turn out alright

But that’s not what this is about

And you’re battling a losing fight

Sometimes when you hit a wall

You have to back it up

When you take a fall

You need to know when enough’s enough

And some things were just not meant to be

Like two words with no rhyme

And eventually you’ll see

That it’s been one too many mistakes this time

Say something wrong and there’s no backspace

No eraser, no way to say sorry

There’s better way to lose your place

Then to not know how to speak an apology

And there’s been one too many times when I’ve questioned if this was right

There’s been one too many lies

There’s been one too many other names circling the night

One too many storming skies

One too many secret tears

One too many dark secrets

One too many deep, hidden fears

And there’s no way out unless

We end what’s begun

We walk our own ways

We accept that it’s done

“Nothing gold can stay”

And sometimes wills bend

And fires will light

And sometimes things end

And you have to do what’s right

And sometimes you realize your mistakes

And sometimes you have to fix it all

And sometimes hearts break

And you have to catch yourself when you fall

And then you have to lift your head

Even when you know you were wrong

You have to look past night and see the starlight instead

And have to take a deep breath and be strong

And I’m sorry for this

I know for now you don’t understand

And I promise

That one day you can

Because there’s been too much rain

And too many regrets

There’s been too much pain

And there’s been one too many secrets






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