Walking through these halls

Side by side with you

I know you hate these white walls

And I do too

And I hate how long this whole thing has had to last

It’s been forever

And it’s all forced you to grow up too fast

And it feels like we’re never together

And I’ve got a million things to do

But I visit you anyway

Because nothing matters more than you

And I miss you so much everyday

And every day I bring photos

So we can look at them

And you don’t know

What was happening in that picture when

We were five years old living side by side

And we’d play outdoors

And you showed me a snake and I cried

I was just a little girl and you were a little boy and we lived in now and nothing more

And in this one you turned ten years old

But you can’t think back to that time

When you would tell me to do as you told

‘Cause you were the big kid and I was only nine

And you can’t bring back, can’t recall

When we’d rake leaves under the October sun

When me and you celebrated me turning fourteen that fall

We didn’t know our story had  just begun

And you’ll look at this images with me

Of you “borrowing” your dad’s brand new car

And you don’t see

That that was the time you got that thirteen-stitched scar

And of coarse you can’t relive, can’t remember

When you turned seventeen and we kissed because

We realized we were in love that December

But you can’t remember what our unbreakable bond was

And you can’t think of those years we spent

Me and you- walking to school, playing by the creek and sneaking out at night

And all of those good times suddenly went

And nothing can ever feel right

And you can’t remember anything from where our friendship had begun

Hours spent fighting and then pretending it never happened

Sledding and dancing and lying around in the sun

Those are all the things you’ll never have back and

You can’t recollect our special meeting tree

That we’d meet under when we saw the stars

And in the halls when you’d chase off the boys who picked on me

And when you’d tell those other girls stuck on you to get lost- because this love was ours

And you also can’t bring back the memory

Of when I was hired

At an after school job and I was in working when you came looking for me

And the place caught on fire

And I got trapped and couldn’t leave

And I was scared out of my mind

And you came back for me

And that’s why the blame is all mine

Because you got me out of the window

Said it only mattered if I survived

And the building collapsed with you in it and I know

We were both so lucky you’re still alive

And you can’t think back to the wailing sirens and flashing lights

As firetrucks and ambulances came

And I died the night

That you woke up and couldn’t remember my name

Everything inside of me broke

Because everything from your memory was gone

None of the words you and I spoke

And I cried all night until dawn

And deep down I know it’s best

If I let you just begin again

And so I let the three words I’ve been dying to say rest

And try and let go of everything from then

So when you ask I just smile sadly and say

“No, you never knew me

They’re just stories to pass the time away

To keep you from being lonely.”

And you nod like it all makes sense and I feel myself fall apart

And I know

This is what it feels like to have a broken heart

And one day erased all those years

And once I leave I burst out into tears

Because it hurts so much letting go








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