The promises he’d spoken

Were so easily broken

And what he told me then

Was all a lie so I started over again

And you and I were what I’d begun

And you’re golden and fire burning bright as the sun

And I thought I was happy, thought I’d moved on

All the girls were jealous and I thought nothing could ever go wrong

But he’s still somehow stuck in my head

And I keep thinking of things I could’ve said

And he is everything that I regret

So I did my best to forget

And now I’m stumbling drunk on the street calling out his name

And your eyes fill up with so much pain

And you tell me the name I whisper in my sleep isn’t yours

And I try to lose my life from before

And this whole thing is so much deeper than it seems

And somehow you’re not the one who’s in all of my best dreams

And I hate my feelings for what they do

Because I’m still in love but not with you

I go over and over his goodbye

I wish he’d never left and I don’t know why

Because you’ve been there every single time

You’re the best thing that was ever mine

And you’ve held me every time I’ve cried

And there’s a whole war going on inside

And you’re the one who deserves my heart

So why am I being torn apart?

It’s like I’m being ripped in two

Because I’m still in love but not with you

And if you looked in my heart than you could see

Why I never say it back when you say you love me

And I don’t deserve all those sweet things you’ve done

And that’s why neither side has won

And when I tell you all this you say you know

And you tell me you’ll love me even if I let you go

And that hurts so much to hear

Because it confirms my biggest fear

Because you say you’ll always be right there

And I’m stuck in the middle and can’t go anywhere

And I think that it’s killing me inside

Because when I see you crying in secret I die inside

And he left me all alone

So why do I feel like with him I’m finally at home?

And I don’t know how I can pull through

Because I’m still in love but not with you





8 thoughts on “STILL IN LOVE…

  1. Really sorry that i’ve only just got round to reading this, but this is an amazing piece, i love the flow and i hope to see more like this in the future!

    Liked by 1 person

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