It’s funny how people say words can’t break a heart

They’re just things you hear- can’t even leave a mark

And how people don’t think twice about what they say

And yet it can haunt someone every single day

And it’s funny how the way a best friend can act

Can feel like a stab right in the back

And you say what you said isn’t cruel, that it’s just true

Well, tonight, the joke’s on you

When the night is darkest and the moon is full

I’m gonna come tracking you down like an animal

And you can try and run away from me

But you’ll never again be free

And I’m going to take you to the ground

Fire meets fire and you’re the one going down

And I’ve waited a long time for this

To pay back all your blows and hits

And tell me you were wrong

When you said I couldn’t be strong

And tell me you regret this and tell me why

And if you’re still not sorry then tell me a lie

And you know that tonight you could die

Because it’s way too late to apologize

And even though I love hearing you plead for mercy

It’s way too late to say sorry

And before morning you could be long gone

Because right now the hunt is on

The path is shadowed but the moon is bright

And there’ll be one less person in the world tonight

One call, one scream, one slash of this knife

And in five seconds I could end your life

That’s the way it could be

But listen to me

True strength isn’t the ability to kill

True strength is the power you have over your own will

And true strength is the power to forgive

And that’s why tonight your going to live

True strength is the power to make things right

But I swear that you’ll never forget tonight



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