Once upon a time in the morning a little girl was born

A little rose blooming in a bed of thorns

And a little boy had been born  a year before

Both were sweet and innocent, they couldn’t know just what was in store

And as the little girl grew older she would play with her dolls

Making dishes and dresses from the colored leaves in the fall

And the little boy would become a super hero in a fancy cape

Rushing to save the day before it was too late

And watching them  I would say

Don’t ever grow up, don’t ever get older, just stay trapped in today

Don’t ever lose this innocence, this unawareness of how the world’s so cold

Don’t ever turn the clock, stay free of the lies you’ll be told

As the little girl grew up some more and reached her eighth birthday

She began to care how she looked and what people would say

And the boy was too getting older with time

Giving up on dreams of flying by the time he was nine

And watching them I would say

If only the future could just fade away

Please stay this young, this happy, this free

Please don’t let time steal you away from me

And don’t ever let anything get in your way

If only I could keep the time from taking you away

When she turned fifteen she was silent and shy

Hiding her face and no one knew why

She’d sit in the corner and she hid and she wrote

All of the words which she never spoke

When he was sixteen he was a rebellious teenager

Laughing and throwing himself in the way of danger

And he’d be on every sport’s team and everyone knew his name

Winning every single last race and every single last game

And watching them I’d say

Don’t get older- just stay this way

Just don’t ever grow up

This can always be enough

And just put a stop on time

Leave your future here with mine

When she was in college she met a young man

With a crazy flare for adventure she couldn’t understand

And when he was a junior in college he met a girl who was quiet and shy

She never talked much and he couldn’t get why

Drawn in by his energy, she would watch him from across the corridor

Curious, wondering if he’d notice her

Well he did, and before they would both graduate

He asked her out on her first- ever serious date

And the two got closer and closer over the years

They shared their deepest secrets, their feelings, their fears

And then one day he got down on one knee

Held out a ring, asked “Will you marry me?”

And watching them I would say

How has the time just flown away?

How have you both grown up so fast,

Gone straight ahead, forgotten the past

And I was happy and sad as I realized they’d finally grown

Flowers sprouted from tiny seeds that were sown

And I watched her walk down the aisle

Her beautiful dress matched with a still more beautiful smile

And I watched them grow older, happy together

In their own world, in love forever

And when their first child was born, I watched with joy

And I whispered into the ear of that little boy

It doesn’t last forever, so make it enough,

Make your childhood count- and never fully grow up







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