It was rough growing up where I was a kid

Surviving on your own out on the streets

And no one ever discovered some of the things that I did

People backstabbing everyone they’d meet

It was all about self where I grew up- only the strong survive

Just another law of the land

And people couldn’t care less if you fought and you died

It just wasn’t something we couldn’t  understand

Well I ran away from that little town

Sick of being on my own

And they never bothered to hunt me down

So I set out alone

It was a dark and lonely time

Full of tricks and lies in the night

But I held onto a wish that was mine

To finally find a life that felt right

And I would have dreams of monsters who come chasing me

And when I at long last found a place to stay

And the people were kind and they loved freely

And they didn’t judge me for running away

And when they asked I admitted that honestly I’d never loved

And believe people can’t turn around and fix their mistakes

And don’t believe in wishes on stars above

And I believe people only want to cause heartbreak

But the more they spoke to me the more I listened to what they said

And the more I realized that I can change the world we live in

And the thoughts all came rushing in through my head

That I don’t have to feel unforgiven

And they said that people can change inside

That deep down people all have a rushing sea

And emotions are like ever- changing tides

And forgiveness sets the waters free

And over time there  I realized that maybe the world is dark

And maybe people will hurt you

And maybe all their lashes and stings will leave their marks

But in the end it just matters how you react and what you do

You’ll never feel love if you always lash out with hate

And you’ll never see the sun if your always looking for clouds

You’ll never let go until it’s too late

And you’ll never feel the thrill if you always look for doubt

If you never step out of darkness you’ll never see light

And if you never accept your weaknesses you’ll never be strong

If you never accept when you’re wrong you’ll never be right

And if you never stop looking back you’ll never move on



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