No one ever said it would all be painless

That everyone would pass through life perfect and stainless

No one ever said that the world would hold in place and never fall apart

No one ever said that it was hard to break a heart

Because people make mistakes

And people can break

Turns out it’s not as easy as it looks to fly

And wishes can die

And people lose hope

And reach the ends of their rope

And I’m sorry what the world has done to you

Never wanted it to break you too

And people destroy you- take you down

And you try to scream but you can’t make a sound

As one by one they land their blows

For reasons of hate you don’t even know

And by the time they’ve finally moved on

You’re heart’s made of stone and your innocence is all gone

And now you believe all the lies you’ve been told

And now everything is shadowed and everything is cold

And now that you go and you look at the world twice

Suddenly you realize it’s frozen and dark and covered in ice

And you lose your will to exist, lose your will to live

Swear you’ll never look back, swear you’ll never forgive

Say you hate the world and you hate what people have done

Say you hate the mess that people have begun

And nothing anyone does is ever right

But listen to me, there’s still light

There’s still good that people do

There’s still a sun in the sky and God still loves you

There’s still hope for even the most broken child

You can still come back even though it’s been such a long while

And you say “I can’t forgive and no one can forgive me”

And you think that I can’t see

One hundred scars for all one hundred lashes

Something beautiful can still rise from these ashes

Something incredible from cruel words spoken

Something twice as strong as before after being broken

Because pearl comes from sand and light drives out dark

And a rose comes with thorns and knives leave their marks

And the greatest of trees

Starts with a tiny seed

Honey comes with bees and love drives out hate

So let go of your ghosts before it’s too late



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