Dreams slow down

Once you get older

You grow closer to Earth- to the ground

The world gets colder

Innocence is lost

The sun’s rays are less bright

Everything is covered in frost

And people think it’s better this way

That they’re better than they were before

That they’re smarter, stronger than yesterday

And that there’s only what they can see and nothing more

People are brighter now, at least that’s what it seems

With technology that does everything and never fails

But people have forgotten all about dreams

About the magic of Fairy Tales

Everything is as practical as can be

It’s like a spell that the whole world is under

But that will never be me

Because I still see Earth’s wonder

They think I’m stupid- acting like a little kid

That I’ll never grow up- never be anything

But they’ll never know the secrets I hid

The kind of magic each person can bring

And when no one is watching I play in the woods

A teenager wishing I could be free

And no one’s ever gone as far as I wish I could

Evading reality

And when know one’s watching I become a queen

Ruling over my kingdom in the trees

And they think I’m just conjuring up daydreams

But they can never quite see what I can see

And when no one’s watching I go into battle to fight

My allies willing to spill every last drop of blood to lead us to victory

Celebrating at feasts that last late into the night

My people looking up to me

And when no one’s watching sometimes I cry

Because the world around me is falling apart

And every time people hurt each other part of me dies

Watching them intentionally break a heart

And when no one’s watching I ride on horseback

Into a fiery orange and red sunset

Leading  against the dark enemies a surprise attack

Because we’ve never won completely just yet

And when no one’s watching I make a vow

To never grow up completely

And when no one’s watching- just like now

I turn into me

And when no one’s watching I dance with a prince

In the moonlight, softly and slowly

But I’m the only one I can convince

That my world exists- after all, it’s all just make- believe








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