People spread all kind of lies about us

But we don’t care because

We don’t care what kind of lies they’ve told

Because you and me, we’re always gold

Midnight drives with all the windows down

City lights burning all around

We live this life only once, and it’s already begun

So let’s do it all now while we’re still young

Go straight into this without knowing

Turn our music up, Don’t stop and think- just going, going, going

Crash this place and watch it burn- this is so where we belong

Hearts beating, emotions bleeding- They’re playing our song

And these tricks will never grow old

Because you and me, we’re always gold

Scarlet skies and stormy seas

Let’s live up what will be teenage memories

Laughing at all the people we’ve tricked

Whispering at midnight in the hotel shower because our roommates are ticked

And we’ll always fall apart then back together

We were meant to do this forever

So let’s party all out all summer all night

All of the time- it only feels right

Climb every wall, Jump every fence

Do everything because it doesn’t make sense

We’ll never care what they say

Doing things against the crowd because that’s just our way

Sliding on banisters and driving too fast

Staying up way to late and expecting to last

Causing trouble in the bus’s backseat

Spray painting our names across the sidewalk’s concrete

These memories are something I’ll always hold

‘Cause you and me, we’re always gold



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