*This poem just won me a competition, so I hope you enjoy it as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it!*

I’ll admit I’ve done a lot of wrong
I’ll admit that a lot of mistakes were mine
I’ll admit that I’ve never stayed strong
And I’ll admit that I’ve run away every time
Well I’m tired of being scared
After another secret was hidden away
And it’s time I finally dared
To tell the truth because it’s killing me every day
I’m not sure how
My heart’s beating so fast
But this is my promise now
I’ll let go of all of my past
I swear I’ll be brave
This time I’ll find the strength
I swear that I won’t be afraid
This time I’ll do my best not to break
This time I’ll take it, I’ll stand up and fight
This time I’ll find it in me to stay
This time I’ll take a deep breath and do what’s right
And this time I’m not going to run away


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