In the beginning of our story was a peaceful little town

Where everyone was happy and everything was alright

Happy and free and never-ending, forever in the daylight

Ruled by fair royalty who deserved their crown

I watched my kingdom as their golden queen

I watched them laugh and play

Nothing could hurt them both night and day

It was all a perfect dream

Well fights broke out and clouds covered the sun

Night grew deeper

Tensions grew steeper

Suddenly all of the good times were done

I didn’t know what to do

My people were crying out in fear

I knew the end was coming near

And then I came face to face with you

Nothing ever stays the same

I meet your gaze

Tonight we’ll set the world ablaze

In white- hot scorching flames

Torches don’t always stay in their holders

Line this hill with swords and guns

Be brave enough not to run

And we’ll fight this war like we’re soldiers

There’s just one goal to go for

One of us will die tonight

From bullets fired in this fight

And we’ll battle it out until it’s over

Tonight we’ll split apart the ground

Stars fall down from up above

Is this out of hate or is this out of love?

Questions echo forever as the sky crashes down

Lightning arcs around us, electricity charged in the air

Storm clouds gather

Reality is shattered

Fight it out until it’s over if you dare

There’s no turning back now

Stand your ground, take a deep breath

Be prepared to meet face- to- face with death

There’s one of us who will win and the other’s going down

Neither of us are invincible, both of us are able to lose our life’s light

Both of us know the truth

Neither of us are fireproof

Someone’s losing it all tonight

Then someone wants it more and the other falls

Darkness and bloodstains

One standing alone in the pouring rain

And then the haunting sound of death cries

Once upon a time where our story ends

There was a kingdom centered around love

People cared for each other and the sun shone from above

There was no hate- everyone was selfless and everyone was friends

This place was wonderful and good

But if you looked beyond the perfection

Looked inside the crystal lake’s reflection

You’ll see across the village boundaries is a thick green woods

And if you follow the hidden trail that lies so secret

And if you are brave

Refuse to be afraid

Then you’ll find somewhere that I’ll never forget

Out in the place of new starts and birth

Where the birds sing their song

If you walk along

You’ll find a strange little mound of earth

And you’d be brave

If you got closer then most would go alone

Then you’ll find a stone

That marks the undiscovered grave













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