Ever had a decision hard to make

Going out of your mind until you’re sure you’ll break?

Pacing  back and forth throughout the room

It’s too late to decide and it’s way too soon

Part of me just wants to walk away

But your sweet smile just begs me to stay

And you say you’re a good boy

But sometimes I feel just like your tug- of- war toy

And you say you’re the hero

But what kind of hero let’s the girl go?

Your last kiss was like a honeyed knife

And the day you left me was the best worst day of my life

And you were never all that in love

Never saw the silver lining in the storm clouds above

And you would’ve already ended up tearing me apart

But then why do I miss you with all my heart?

And my friends say I’m better off without you

That play them and leave them is all you do

And it’s like you locked the door and threw the key

When you walked away from me

And now you’re asking for me to come back to you

But nothing you said was ever true

And you made me happy and you brought some color to all my gray

But of course you couldn’t stay

And I’m still in love with you and that’s what’s so bad

Your perfection and the way you act is driving me mad

And now you say you’re still the one

But I don’t know after what you’ve done

And I just want to leave you behind me

But I’m still head over my feet

And I’d love to say I hate you and don’t care

But I’m not over those moments we shared

And I can never ignore you when my phone rings

So maybe bad boys and good boys just mean the same thing

And you say you’ll always save the day

But then why did you just walk away?

And you come back and hold me while I’m crying

But if you’re such a good boy why are you so good at lying?

So maybe good boys and bad boys are just each other inside

And I know you’ll end up saying goodbye

And I know you’re going to ask me to be with you again?

So what on earth will I say then?





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