You and me- tied up, struggling and screaming

Chained down, dying, hallucinating or dreaming?

There’s no escape from here

Prisoners of our own fear

Darkness, anger, walls closed completely,

No doors, locked chains, we’ll never break free

Gasping, burning, eyes fixed on your face

The world’s stopped turning- why’d we bring ourselves to this place?

Hopelessness, despair and heartache

Metal and blood- how long until we break?

Come out of this life is what the whispering voices are calling

And I can’t stop myself, can’t catch myself from falling

Your eyes meet my eyes

Who’ll be the first to die?

Shattered and breathless

This is the price of being reckless

They’ll come soon with their shining guns

Mock us and taunt us for not being able to run

Caged in, ruined, soon we’ll be sleeping forever

You whisper to me that at least we’ll then be together

There’s no way that alone I’ll pull through

But maybe, just maybe I can with you

Your hands, my hands, tied behind our backs

Two lives, two hearts, like trains run right off the tracks

Time is running out and we’re not going to survive

Helping you to escape is my only motive to be alive

If you make it out without me, just run far away

And then maybe everything will finally be okay

We’re trying to  be strong but we’re just too weak

Frozen, failing, motionless and can’t speak

Neither of us want to stay

But we’re too exhausted to run away

Caught up in their lies

It’s what’s causing us to die

Their criticism and their doubts

Took the silver lining from our clouds

And they’re scared of our love

As it caused their planets to fall out from alignment and their stars to fall

The truth’s out but they don’t want to believe

All they want is to pretend and deceive

Stuck in their own ignorant mindset

That we’ve now caused them to forget

They don’t want to see the truth

They want to be invincible and fireproof

So they blocked out everything

Locked us up and cut off our wings

They want to line us in front of a wall

Pull their triggers and end us all

Then go back to what they convince themselves

Knock our words off their shelves

Their lies have taken over this nation

And being a burning light will have to be my motivation

So I have no second thoughts and no regrets

Because it’s not over yet

So stay alive with me- just one more night

Because there’s no way we’re going down without a fight




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