I’d like to say it’s your own fault for that fight

I’d like to say I’m glad that I left you that night

I’d like to say that I’m glad your gone

That with him I’ve completely and totally moved on

That with him I could never ask for more

And then you came back knocking on my door

And you said that I was better off without you

I asked coldly how you knew that was true

And you calmly met my eye

And said “This is why:

He expects you to be complete perfection

And he all he says to you is a list of corrections

And be your knight in shining armor is all he wants to do

And I hate seeing you hide behind him like he can protect you

And seeing you slow dancing like him dressed like a princess

I hate how you’re both so completely obsessed

And he’s all long walks and sunsets and flowers

But with me you were lightning and storm clouds and dark power

So is me asking you to come back really so wrong?

Because with me you were strong

Don’t you remember doing everything just because

And nothing should’ve ever stopped this love

And we would sneak off at night, run away till we were breathless

Through the flames, over again, we were born to be reckless

And he thinks that you’ll do whatever you want- and you shouldn’t listen

Scream, come back, just already leave him

When we were together we didn’t listen to their “truths”

You and me together were invincible, fireproof

And maybe I was a sarcastic and I always had to be right

But it wasn’t worth this pain and it wasn’t worth that fight

And he wants you to be his perfect superstar

But with me you could always be who you really are

His angel girl- his little doll

No, this isn’t you at all

Remember us before this mess

Driving with the windows down, laughing and fearless

And you would do what you do and didn’t shy away when they stared

You were crazy and bold and never scared

And with him you’re always afraid

But with me you were brave



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