Come a little closer if you dare

Welcome to my nightmare

Where we’re always one the run

You could come around the corner and come face to muzzle with a gun

Feel the terror and the pounding in your chest

Can’t breathe but there’s no time to rest

There are wolves biting at your heels

This is how everyday feels

Sprinting, straining, but there’s no way out

Trust me, I’ve searched desperately for an escape route

We’re trapped inside this war

Running away is all you’re really living for

This is fear and pain and yet it’s all good

Struggling to survive in these woods

Keep your eyes open and a level head

One wrong turn and you’re good as dead

Glance over your shoulder and all about

You’ll need all your wits to survive this massive fallout

You’re living right next to your greatest fears

Here until you die or for years and years

And everything’s twisted and nothing seems right

But let me show you another side to this night

Hide behind the bushes and conceal yourself in the trees

Anything as long as you stay side by side with me

I know it’s hard- but we can try

This place is scary but don’t cry

Your hands on my hips

Loose lips will sink ships

We’ve been chased and chasing all day

Who’s going to be the first to run away?

Leave the other behind

Because we’re running out of time

Over the fence and out of breath

Just escaping from death

Are we safe? Not yet

Dodging our own lies and secrets

But despite being trapped in this war zone

You take my hand and say “You’re not alone”

And as we hear the fire of the guns

Your eyes meet mine and we run

Through the trees and pouring rain

We have to ignore the threats and the pain

For as long as we can we’ll hide

The raging storm’s nothing compared to inside

One slip up and we’ll shatter apart

If you leave me behind you’ll break my heart

And your mouth meets mine

And you say “not this time

I love you, I promise, I’ll always be here”

And you chased away all of my fears

As you said “Even when they find us and the stars fall from up above

I promise you now- You’ll never be unloved

And we can do this- survive this together

And if not at least we’ll end up someplace better





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