Well he’s funny and brave and smart

And he would never want to break my heart

And he loves to laugh and he’s so much fun

And we could dance all night until the day’s begun

And he’s handsome and he’s like the golden sun shining bright

And I don’t stay up fighting with him at night

And I’m finally done listening to your echoes ring

And in truth I don’t regret a thing

I’m glad I met him and glad I moved on

Because you never made me feel like I was strong

And I’m happy I didn’t try and work it out

Because self was all our “love” was about

And so don’t come to me and apologize

I’ve had enough of your little white lies

And I’m not in for the pain you always make

And all you are was an incredible mistake

You made me feel like I wasn’t good enough for you

And cut me down was all you’d do

You just liked having power over me

And with him I feel like I can be free

And he listens to what I have to say

And he doesn’t threaten to walk away

And he holds me when I cry

And when we fight he’ll actually try

To make it right again

So what’s now is now and what’s then and then

And now your back at your door

But no, I’m not unsure

About my feelings for you- I’m done

I don’t want to go back- I like what’s begun

And I’m not nervous of messing up around him because

He understands I’m not perfect and that’s why he’s so easy to love

And he’ll do what I like to do and not complain

While with you it was never anything but torture and pain

And there’s no more drama and “I can’t take anymore”s

There’s no more screaming and fighting and slamming doors

There’s no more driving away in fancy black sport cars

There’s no more fear and denial and scars

And all you ever did was fake

You were the perfect mistake

And now I don’t fall asleep every night in tears

And he always promises “I’ll be here”

And he’s the first one to call up the phone

And with him I’m never left alone

And so don’t you ever say you tried

Because every day with you I died

And don’t you dare ask me to come back

If I did I’d have a heart attack

And I don’t want more heartbreak

Because you’re just a beautiful mistake







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