Once you told me I had no talent- nothing good to give,

You said that I was worthless and I don’t deserve to live

And I thought it was true- it’s better if I die

There wasn’t really a point of me being alive

Then someone came to me on the wings of the night

Told me I was brave, that it would be alright

They told me that what you said were lies and that it was wrong

They taught me how to be fierce and how to be strong

And this is my chance to set everything right

And I will come stalking you down tonight

You underestimated me as I attacked

When you struck me you didn’t expect me to get you right back

And suddenly you’re off your feet and on the ground

A blade to your throat as I pin you down

You plead for your life though you didn’t care about mine

And I said I’d let you go this time

Otherwise I’d be no better than you

So killing you would be the wrong thing to do

And I promised that I’d let you live

But my one condition is

Say you’ll remember me

Watching you from the shadows, just beyond where you can see

Say you’ll remember the fire in my eyes,

Say you’ll always look behind your shoulder and that I’ll be your last thought as you die

Say you’ll live your life in fear

Knowing that I’m ready, Knowing that I’m always near

Say that I’ll haunt your dreams

Causing you to wake up in silent screams

Say you’ll remember this

Take a knife and draw an X over your heart as a promise

Say you’ll remember me- stalking you down

Even when no one is really around

And I know that all of these things will already come true

But what I really want…

Is to hear it from you








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