The sun is shining bright

Until clouds blow over to cover the light

And I laugh as people hide

They don’t have enough strength inside

Because I caused this storm, and for me

It means being strong, it means being free

Because when the storm clouds gather above

I know nothing can stop this love

And we were never meant to be together

But that’s why we can make it last forever

And as you hold me close I know

I’ll never let you go

And time slows down

Lightning is striking all around

And the sun disappeares and the light is gone

And you can’t tell the night from the dawn

And the storm clouds are what your eyes reflect

And I can’t help but laugh because this storm is perfect!

You’re the only thing that could ever keep me warm

As we stand in the center of our own  storm

Most couples want their love to be all clear summer days

This love is a storm, but I like it that way

And most people want their love shining bright

We’re all danger and darkness, but it always seems right

And we’re forever free and we’re forever on the run

From the good guys who chase us down with their guns

Firing words like bullets, saying things about us that are cruel

It’s too bad that what they say is true

But all they’ll ever catch is our trail

We’ll leave them running in circles chasing their own tails

And they’re scared of us, they’re scared of our power

And they can search for hours and hours

But they’ll just end up back where they started

Cursing us for being so fox- hearted

But we just laugh in the freezing rain

Not scared of death, not scared of pain

We were never meant to play it safe

Always hunting for an escape

This is all so good because it’s all so bad

It’s all too far, too close, it’ll drive me mad

And we will cause trouble for years and years

Young and forever, free of fears

Pounding feet and hearts beat fast

We will go until time ceases to last

And as long as you’re beside me

I know I’ll forever be free





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