You and I met at a party one night

Everyone was too loud and everything was too bright

I’m not going to lie that was the best day of my life

You and I took off way too fast

We didn’t really expect it to last

But that was fine it wasn’t the first time since the past.

Playing our music way too loud

You and me underneath the storm clouds

I’m not going to lie this was the best year of my life

Crashing the place for all it’s worth

You and I could rule the entire earth

You and I were meant to be since birth.

Kissing in alleys and getting in fights

Hanging out too long underneath the streetlights

I’m not going to lie you’re the best love of my life

When we’re together I like to believe

That you and I were meant to be

And while the scars we both have will last forever

At least we have those scars together

Turn it up so loud and we’re not done

‘Til the neighbors threaten to call 911

I’m not gonna lie these are the best moments of my life

Calling the fights in the city where we spend our days

Heating up threats in the alleyways

We’re always the first one’s to attack

But that’s okay- I’ve got your back

I got a shot at love and it was a shot in the dark

But I think that bullet hit it’s mark

I finally did it- I don’t really know how

The neighbors are calling out curses now

And we just laugh at the fence and take a bow

Picking the wrong sides against the people with guns

Laughing and joking as we’re then off on the run

This is it, look at the future we’ve begun

Blaring the music, light’s flashing on the lawn

Staying up all the way until dawn

And I’m not gonna lie, this is the best time of my life




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