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                       The tick goes tock
                     And it past crosses two.
          With the humbling and jumbling and jick and jack,
              Of the students hustling and bustling
               Over their benches,with sweaty head.
             The dry less wind with curtain flapping,
              Drying each throat, goes the warmy loo.
                Unaware of all,the faculty goes on:
              "With the Maxwell theorem,dot product,
                        scalar and vector".
                   Scrolling between the slides,
              And peering through his slit over specks.
            The loyal fan revolving in monotonous rounds,
                Beneath which I sit here to pen down.

              And there enters a girl with black lashes,
                 flipping and trying to find a seat.
             Occupies the first, with her browny streaks 
                     facing towards the class.
               With all the other eyes rolling on her.
                     She seats over carelessly.
            Some chattering,some trying to get to the point,
            Others just luring of how she could be with me.
             With all this flows the engineering physics.
            Students scribbling and chewing their fingers,
          50 minutes goes on with the faculty like a singer.
                   Then comes the attendance part.
                 The motive of attending the class.
                  With some proxies and giggling,
                    ends up the whole class.
                Students head out paving their path,
                     Again to the next class.
                   Thereby,leaving the door ajar.

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