I don’t know why some think life is so bad

More than anything it’s just sad

Because all these memories of you and me

Are so bittersweet

Because while they’re full of smiles and laughs

There’s that sad realization that you can never go back

And all these pictures in frames

Like a gallery, candles burning with soft flames

And so much time has passed

Like sand that just slipped away through an hourglass

And as I walk slowly through this scrapbook- like hallway

I’m taken back to earlier days…

Back in that photo of summer we were so young

Splashing in the water under the sun

And I remember how you snuck up behind me

And ended up getting a concussion on the concrete

And those summer parties and campfires by the sea

Nothing hurts like teenage memories

And I remember staying up way too late at night

That’s what summer’s were for- it only seemed right

And I remember when you and I would find patterns in the stars

Not knowing we would ever come so far

Now I look at the other wall

Yeah, I remember those falls

When we’d rake leaves into piles- we were supposed to be working when

We’d jump into them and have to start over again

It was so amazing, being sixteen

And now it feels like a beautiful daydream

And all of my friends were jealous

And we were friends since we were four- I’ll never forget

And now I walk down that hall

Asking myself how did we lose it all?

When it could’ve lasted forever

And I gaze at the pictures of our winters together

And I remember

Those happy Decembers

When we’d build snowmen and sled with our friends

Racing down that hill again and again

Trying crazy new ways for a thrilling ride

And we’d crash a thousand times before we went for hot cocoa inside

And at night we’d  text each other as we watched the snow blow

And we’d pray and hope for school to be canceled tomorrow

And we’d spend every Christmas together

I could’ve loved you forever

Seasons have come and seasons have gone

So many nights and so many dawns

And I’ll never forget that day

We got into a massive fight before you moved away

But that was years and years ago

And I know it’s time to finally let go

And I haven’t seen you in years

It’s time for me to face my fears

And I’m scared you won’t answer or you won’t be home

Scared what will happen as I pick up the phone

Dial your number and take a deep breath

Because I know I’ll never forget you even in death

And I remember when we graduated high school- do you?

I have that picture on my wall too

And every day waiting is a day I died

It’s time for me to calm this storm inside

But no matter what you now do

Know that  through every season I have loved you




  1. There is nothing worse than having the empty husk of your friend sitting next to you. There, yet gone long, long ago. It’s a festering boil that needs lancing because every day it greets you when you look in the mirror and it has an impact on moving forward in your life.

    Sometimes, it’s necessary to let go … no matter how much it hurts to do so.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Very true, Life Mutated, and perhaps I would do better to remember your advice, because honestly, a lot of that poem was based on when one of my best friends moved away. Never really heard from them again. Thank you for the advice/feedback!

      Liked by 1 person

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