You know the words I know you’ll say already break my heart

You think we’re better off apart

Gazing up at the beautiful sunset

The time to make wishes and regret

So many stars to wish upon

And so many thoughts to dwell on

Because here are you and I

Standing beneath the ever- changing sky

How did we ever make it this far around

We’re such a long way from that playground

Do you remember when we were five?

Back when we promised to be best friends for life?

How did we grow up so fast?

How’d we leave behind that past?

The sun sinks beneath the sea

As your arms wrap around me

Pushing away the cold

Pushing away all the lies we were told

Do you remember when

So long ago that we were ten?

And we’d run outside during summer and play

We’d be out in the woods all day

We’d draw a line in the dirt and play war

With innocent minds and wooden swords

And now here we stand

Under the stars, hand and hand

As the ocean breeze blows

I don’t know

How we entered this dream

Do you remember when we were thirteen?

We got into fights

Always thinking we were right

Breaking the rules

Waiting until next year when we were out of middle school

Now the waves wash against the shore

I’m begging for just a moment more

Because people never

Last forever

But we can live in now, however unreal it seems

Do you remember being sixteen?

When you crashed you dad’s new car

You still have that fourteen- stitched scar

When you gave me the best ever Christmas gift

Pulled me close for my first ever kiss

All of these memories

Drifting around us, lost in the sea

So many things to dream of

Like what it’s like to be in love

And I know I have to find the words to say

Before you leave me today




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