Colors fading in and out

A fairy tale’s always about

How the prince and the princess are happy in the end

How come it can’t be like that for me and my friends?

Instead it’s all goodbyes never spoken

Instead it’s all promises that have been broken

Instead it’s all long, wistful regrets

Instead it’s bittersweet memories I’ll never regret

And just remember that I will be here every day

Since the time you had to move away

And I will always wait with hope in my heart

Knowing these boundaries won’t keep us apart


And I will never

Give up

Because the promise I made will always be enough

To keep me going

Even when these storm winds are blowing


You know the day you left was the first time



And even though part of me is afraid

I swear I’ll be brave

Just like you wanted

I’ll survive being haunted

And I’ll remember that summer before we were forced in to fall

Back when we had it all

When we were laughing and we were free

Back before you slipped away from me

Before you had to go

But I hope you know

I’ve waited every day just like I promised you

And I stay up late into the night like you once claimed you do

But I’ll wait until the end of time

Wishing you’d come back to forever be mine

And I have gazed out the window and wished I’d gotten to say goodbye

And each day I wait is a day I die

But you asked me to wait once you moved away

So I’ll do that again and again, every day

You know I would die every day if you asked me to

And I would wait every single moment for you

I wish for you on every shooting star

And I use every four leaf clover to wish for your safety where ever you are

But I will wait

Never losing faith

Because you will come back even if they call me crazy

I know that one day you’ll be

Back with me



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