You were bored so one night

You crept out of your house with a flashlight

You were young and reckless and searching for danger

Then you ran across an innocent stranger

You tried to speak with me, but I said “You wouldn’t dare”

You just smiled and said “I’m not scared.”

And then you said “Call me crazy.”

And I said “You don’t know what that is until you come with me.”

So I led you further and further away from home

Twisted reality and trapped you alone

Tripped you straight into a rabbit hole

Stepped back and watched you go right out of control

From the shadows I reached out and took your hand

And I led you into the realm of Wonderland

Right to the edge of reality

The border of between clarity and insanity

You may have doubts now- but believe me

There’s no other better place to be

Yes, perhaps you’re going mad

But would that really be so bad?

Throw yourself at the invisable walls, cursing my name

Acting like I’m the one to blame

You should’ve known as I’m as trustworthy as the Cheshire Cat

You should watch the knife heading for your back

Come with me

Yes, maybe you are going crazy

But don’t worry, there’s nothing to fear

After all, we’re all mad here

This is the Caterpillar and this is the Mad Hatter

Just like you their reality’s been shattered

In this place you never know what you’ll find

Watch yourself or you just might lose your mind

And I smile as fear crosses your face

As I tell you there’s no way out of this place

And everyone in Wonderland winds up dead…

But wait, isn’t this supposed to all be in your head?

Shouldn’t you just wake up at dawn

And everything here will suddenly be gone?

Wait, isn’t this supposed to just be a dream?

Well, then maybe no one will hear you scream…



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