When your born the first gift you receive is a knife

They give you that blade and say “Welcome to life”

And you can do with that weapon whatever you will

Save another or use it to kill

But one wrong move and you’ll always regret

And what your words cause you might not ever forget

But there are ways out of this

Just follow me child, I’ll protect you, I promise…

Away from all these too- bright city lights

You’ll see me- the shape of a wolf outlined in the night

Running wild and running free

No one in the world behind could ever catch me

I can accomplish all the impossible

I am strong and I am unstoppable

When the night falls for you at the end of the day

Just walk in my footsteps- I’ll lead you safely away

Away from the ice and away from the snow

Away from all that you’ve ever known

You can drop the knife and be free of the pain

I’ll unlock all of your heavy chains

I know what you’ve heard of me, but don’t be scared

I wouldn’t lead you away this softly if I didn’t care

I know that your whole life you’ve been all alone

And now I’m going to take you home

Just follow my trail up into the sky

Now there will never be another time you’ll cry

They can’t hurt you when your with me

Together we can be

Free of dark flashbacks and angry scars

Watching the world from the frosty stars

I’m gentler than they say

Let me take you today

So follow me away, keep your eyes on my tracks

Take a deep breath and don’t ever look back

Come with me into the night away from the sun

Come with me child, because your time here is done

Come with me and be mine

Away from this life for the end of time

And I know that maybe your time here wasn’t too long

But this is where you truly belong

And I know that you think this is a cruel trick of fate

But I promise that I will keep you safe

Come with me into the forest and

Follow me into this never- ending wonderland

And I will watch as the stars start to fall

Just follow my voice- it’s the sound of the wolf calls












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