I’ve been replaying over and over in my head

What I said

That it was time for us to take a break

That was such a huge mistake

I really hurt you bad

And now you’re out to get me back

I said we’re done- cross my heart hope to die

Of course now I realize

That when I’m not with you all the skies are gray

That without you there’s no purpose each day

That without you I don’t know what to do

And I try to be stronger but I can’t stop thinking of you

I don’t know, maybe

I am finally going crazy

Wake up one day the world flips upside down

I hear your voice echoing all around

And I feel the heat of your gaze all the time

Yeah, I’m going out of my mind

And now without you I’m locked behind a fence

That without you I’m trapped in past, future and present tense

That without you there’s no sunshine coming down from above

That without you now I realize I’m in love

And no matter what I do

I know I’ll just end up falling back to you

Well,  I told you we can’t wait any longer

When we split it will just make both of us stronger

Now that’s it- I blew it

That move was so stupid

Thought I was being smart- now I’d finally be okay

One wrong turn had a huge price to pay

But you still won’t talk to me

I’ve tried a million times to say I’m sorry

What do you think I’ll just forget

When I’m dying of regret?

Can’t believe those words came out of my mouth

Now I’m gone North and your gone South

And I feel like such an idiot

Have a scar from my own knife to prove it

Your message says your never home

Every time I call your phone

Why can’t you see that I’m trying so hard

But thanks to you the way is always barred

Finally I couldn’t take any more

Took a deep breath, knocked on your door

It felt like forever for it to open

My heart hurt from dreaming and hoping

As I said the right things this time

“Life was so much better when you were mine

And right now maybe you could say I’ve got whatever I need

But it all means nothing if you’re not with me

What I said was so wrong

I don’t know why I waited so long

I’m so sorry

Could you ever forgive me?”

Now that I’d said what I could, standing there at your door

I waited for what you’d say…. Because now the choice was yours



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