I have taken a thousand blows

In case you didn’t know

They always think they’re better

Well, I could prove them wrong

I know that I am strong

I’ll spell out their stinging insults by every single letter

They think they can make me cry

Well I’d like to see them try

Because they’ve got nothing on me

And they can say they have it all

Watch pride come before their fall

Them chained down while I’m flying free

And I hate how they think that I’m so weak

Saying that I could never meet

Any of their expectations

But I know if they stepped back to see

I know that I could be

Beyond all of their limitations

And they say that my mistakes

Will soon make me break

For me they have such low expectations

Saying that any trouble I bring

Means everything

That’s how they make the connections

When they see me they just look past

Saying I’m not going to last

That my mistakes are my definition

But soon everyone will know my name

I’ll set the world in flames

It’s a lifetime mission

I am ambition with the strength of fire

I’m a river that will never tire

And sometimes I laugh because it’s funny

That they think they’re smarter- that they’re stronger

That they’re going to last longer

That all in all they’ve got more than me

Because I know they don’t

I’ll be okay but they won’t

I’ll be the one to pull through

Unless you answer my call

Unless you take seriously the small

And in that case it will be just me and you




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