People threw rocks at us all day

You just told me “Let them say what they want to say”

But people won’t stop firing

It can get so tiring

Hearing their voices ring

I can’t pretend it doesn’t mean a thing

I hate what they do

Saying those terrible things about you

It will drive me mad

Because we have something  they could never have

We don’t have to take this anymore

Just one night, one choice, one opened door…

Let’s leave this place forever

Run away and never

Have to listen to them

Ever again

We can be free

Just run away with me

You will never regret this

Just say yes

They’ll sleep through the night

But they’ll never find us by daylight

We don’t have to listen

Or stay in this awful place that we’re in

Because we have something they could never dream of

We have love

So let’s leave this place behind

It’s about time

We can chase after the clouds

I’ll never let you down

I promise

Just do this

There’s so many reasons why

And it’s worth a try

Let’s do this for love


I don’t want to stay

Can we run away?

We can be gone all the way until the end of time

And I will leave forever if you’ll be mine

Let’s escape this together- running off in the night

The star shine above can be our light

Chasing through the midnight until the dawn

And by daylight we’ll be gone



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