This is how people today are

Once your past the second date is when you can go to far

They say this is how love is, welcome to modern times

They say this is what every love is like… Well not mine

And I know that this is a rough place and time we’re at

But I think that we’re better than that

And I know around us others are dropping their clothes to the floor

Do it once all they want is more

But our love is bright and our love is good

This love means everything just like you said it would

Because together we’re stronger, Together we’re pure

Because your someone worth living for

And we don’t need to find a bed to prove our love

Because I know that your word is enough

And if people want they can call us stupid

But I’d like to see them prove it

Because our love is deep and our love is right

We’re two stars shining bright

And I think that God must be smiling down from above

Because he designed this love

And I know that I’d never use you as an escape

Together we can be safe

And while the world battles outside and pretend it’s love

I know that’s never what it was

But we don’t have to be like them

Breaking on and off again and again

We can be different, we can be free

This is love like it was meant to be

These words are the ones we were meant to say

And I hope it will always be this way

This love isn’t disfunctioned, it isn’t based off a high

And we could last until the end of time

This is forever and this is a promise

And I can’t imagine something better than this

This is vow to never leave each other alone

This is a  bad day before you call up my phone

So I’ll take all of people’s stinging blows and hits

Because they’ve never had a love like this




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