Force myself up and out of bed

A million scenes flashing through my head

And though it doesn’t look like day yet

I’m trying to get these things out of my head even if I can’t forget

Living through each day to survive

Isn’t the same as being truly alive

So as I listen to the death song of the birds

Walk slow through the empty street and stop by the curb

Standing outside in the freezing rain

Gazing into the dark and calling your name

Rain runs down the concrete

I stare up at the clouds then down the street

Because even if the sun has set into the night

I know that somewhere out there there still is light

Make wishes on airplanes and sorting through every clover

Because I know that this song isn’t over

And I believe that with unending defiance

This is just that part of the song where there’s dead silence

Where you think it’ll move on to the next track

And suddenly the music blares back

So I’ll stand out here until I see the dawn

The earth shaking in this place I’m on

And as the rain runs down over me

I know that I’ll be

Forever waiting, listening for your call

Remembering those times when we had it all

So I’ll stand here alone

A million miles away from home

And I’ll call your name into the shadowed night

Because I believe we can still make this right

I’m still stuck in those last few moments

The memory hurts but I still hold onto it

And I will never give up, not one day

Because my love for you will never go away

And no, I’ll always listen for you, I’ll never give up

Because you complete me- together we were enough

You were the arrow in my heart- my other half

And I could never get from someone else what we had

Love is never easy it just takes strength

Sometimes the problems have unending length

But I think we can pull through

So I’ll wait for you



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