Why did I ever become friends with you?

That was a pretty dumb thing to do

And you ended up moving away

And I just want to say

This is one time

When someone should’ve come with a warning sign

That at least read

When this year is over you’ll wish you were dead

This year is going to stab you, burn you, make the ground shake

This friendship’s going to make your heart break

It should’ve said “I’m going to take your heart with mine

And certain sights, certain places will remind you of these better times”

It should’ve said that this is going to burn me in flames

It should’ve warned me that I’d laugh and cry when I hear your name

Because after this year there will be a sea

Of dreamlike bittersweet memories

It’s going to sting

Echos will ring

And you’ll regret this friendship we’ve had

And this year is going to hurt like mad

I don’t get why this had to be

Why you had to do this to me

It wasn’t your fault and but it still hurts

Golden memories trampled into the tears and dirt

And I can’t lie and say I’m fine

You should’ve come with a warning sign

It should’ve read

This is year is going to replay in your head

Everything in you will die

And it will pull you apart inside

When this year ends miles and miles will keep us apart

I’ll leave forever and break your heart

And you’ll laugh and sob when this is all over

A raving mad case of bipolar

You’ll spend long nights wishing on shooting stars

This year is the year of lasting scars

These memories will turn bittersweet and at night

You’ll go over and over every happy time, every fight

If there was a warning sign then

Maybe I wouldn’t be so hurt that I’ll never see you again

Now this is then next year

And I’m out of the stage of denial and tears

But you’re someone I’ll never forget

And last year was something that I almost regret



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