Well, I’ve stayed up so many late nights

Staring at a screen that’s way too bright

Listening to you talk about how you and her can never get along

And you don’t think it will last long

Even though you’re with her all the time

I think it’s gonna drive me out of my mind.

And she’s thinks she’s fun but she’s so boring

She’s so unpredictable that it gets annoying

Because one moment she’s all nice and sweet

The next she’s out screaming on the street

Just how long do you plan on taking this

If I were you than I’d be tired of it

Will you please just open your eyes and clear your head

Because I’d be so much better instead

Because that girl’s always demanding attention and love letters

Why can’t you see that you could do so much better?

And I think that you could be finally happy

If I could just get you to wind up with me

Because she’s someone you’ll just regret

It’s pretty sad that she’s so insanely desperate

She’ll sit in a corner all day long

Hoping you’ll ask her “What’s wrong?”

And you shouldn’t have to put up with that stupidity

Can you please just realize that already?

And she thinks she can tear you apart

Leave you in the dust and break your heart

Kind of funny because she’s not

Everything that you’ve got

She’s not half the things she told you she were

You can do so much better than her

And with her you’ll never be as happy as you could be

But you could with me

Well in case you never knew

She keeps showing off that she has you

And I every minute is something I hate

I don’t know why you bother to wait

To get out of this mess

Because unlike her, you’re not hopeless

Why can’t you already see

You’re so much better off with me



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