My name is Darkening and from the day of my birth

My destiny was written in the stars- and I ruled the earth

I was a perfect hero, but after summer comes fall

And my world shattered around me as dark voices began to call

So as one thing happened after another my life fell apart

And with each break in my life came a break in my heart

Finally I couldn’t take feeling inside so alone,

So I turned the tables and I ran away from home

I knew it was the cowards way out- an easy escape

But I wanted out- to control my own fate

They didn’t come looking for me because

They knew I left off of will- they knew where I was

At first I did what I wanted and slept under the open sky

Going over and over all the good- byes

I felt like I was dying- only this time inside

As I spent days staring out from the seaside

But I wasn’t meant to live with this- without a reason

I needed to start over the whole game of backstabbing and treason

I was meant to lead people, it was a gift, a talent

I was meant to hold things together, to keep them in balance

Of course I couldn’t be start out as a leader, I already knew that

When these people first saw me they’d throw back their heads and laugh

They’d ask what on earth someone could do with a sixteen year old kid

But they wouldn’t have believed some of the things that I did

And when the first of the Sea Wolves stood up for me

He said he’d give me a chance, now welcome to the seven seas

At first I did what I was told

Waiting to reach my actual goal

And the captain would watch me and he took me under his wing

Gave me a sword and showed me new things

He was impressed with what I already knew

Strikes and blocks that even he could not do

He told me I was talented, that I was brave and strong

He said that the sea is where I really belonged

And that echoing day when he finally fell

His last words were “Good job, Darkening, and lead the Wolves well.”

And I became what they worried I would be when I was born

A killer, and hunter, a thunderstorm

And when the former Captains son first joined us, I told him what his father had said to me

“Good luck, and welcome to the seven seas.”



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