Once upon a time there was a princess and a knight

And their story was good and fair and right

And they slayed the dragon and fought the dark

And the knight won the princesses’ heart

And the knight said to her “I love you”

And the princess said it too

And everything turned out just fine and great

Oh wait…

It wasn’t a castle where you and I met

It was an alleyway where we were both high on loss and regret

Play your king or ace or spade

If your not smart there’s gonna be a knife between your shoulder blades

And I was no princess- I was just focused on staying alive

Each day was a battle to survive

And you were trouble and I was a threat

And we both had scars we’d never forget

And seeing the next sunrise was both of our goals

The constant struggle to stay in control

But when I was in an alley and I got attacked,

You jumped in to save me and said “Got your back”

And there it was- suddenly we were together

There was no kisses, no promises of forever

Instead there were too- loud parties with too many fights

Instead there was danger and glinting eyes in the night

Instead there were threats of landing behind bars

But this is better than any fairy tale, because this story is ours

And maybe you’re no knight in shining armor and I’m not a princess with a sparkly crown

And maybe this is all a crazy fight of taking them all down

And maybe we’re not royal

We’re not all noble and loyal

But I trust you with my life and I will until I die

I’ll be with you for life and I’ll fight with you side by side

And maybe we don’t get a happily ever after to be safe in

And maybe we’ll always have to sleep with one eye open

And maybe there’s a thousand whispers and a thousand threats

And maybe we’ll never be safe- at least not yet

But this is now and this is real

I’m not going to lie about the way I feel

So together we can do it, win this fight not to fail

We can stay alive together- and that will be our fairy tale










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