I wrote this story and in short two characters named Darkening and Holly fell in love…  and to answer some questions, yes, they are perfectly normal humans…And as I was writing this other poem I wondered what Darkening would say to Holly if he was any good at writing poems (trust me, he’s not) and now here’s Holly’s to Darkening…

Right now I see a future full of love and hidden fears

I can see a road of pain and hurt leading out from here

But my love for you will always shine bright

You are strength, you are grace and you are light

And right now everything is so twisted that I can’t tell it apart

It didn’t take long for your golden gaze and your easy laugh to steal my heart

And though I see dark images of what lies ahead

A shadowed path with glinting eyes and stabbing knives and at the end both of us are dead

I know that I’ll walk this path with you- every single step

And my love for you is something that I swear I will never regret

There is nothing for you that I wouldn’t do

And if you fall then I’ll cut off my own wings and go down with you

I swear ever since that day I looked into your eyes and asked you “what’s your name?”

My life was never going to be again the same

And while I pretended that I was being good and doing what I was supposed to

I kept on daydreaming of running off in the night with you

And now here we are so close that I can feel your heart pounding

And I’m surprised that you can’t hear my own heart sounding

And while my dreams always keep me haunted

I’ll never let you go- you’re everything I’ve ever wanted

When your arms go around me and we push each other into the wall

I know it’s only a matter of time until we fall

But I don’t care, I won’t give up on you like that

I don’t care what place we’re going to end up at

Even though this road is unpredictable and twisted up and dark

I’ll find my way with a flame born from your spark

And though I can already see the end full of blood and skulls lining the trees

Just hold my hand and keep your eyes on me

Just ignore the feeling that the ground opened up and we’re falling

Just listen to my voice when you here the dead calling

You’ll make it out alive, I promise you

I don’t care if I’m not the one to make it through

I’ll give up my life so that you can reach the end of this story

Only one of us can survive… And I won’t let it be me

Just ignore the sea of broken bodies and all the death cries

Just focus on my kiss instead of all their gruesome lies,

Just ignore the trees lining each side of the path like a threat,

Just ignore it when I leave you forever… But please don’t ever forget



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