I wrote this story and I’m not going to go into it in detail, but in short there are two characters who like each other- their names are Darkening and Holly. I wondered as I was writing yet ANOTHER poem what would Darkening write to Holly in a poem (if he had the capability of writing poems that is. Having created him as a character… Probably not. :))


If only I could hold this moment- I would never let it go

I’ve never felt this way before in case you didn’t know

And every time I see you my heartbeat will pick up speed

This isn’t something I want anymore- it’s something that I swear I need


I am trapped and I am falling

Every time I hear my phone I hope it’s you who’s calling

I love you so much it breaks my heart

If you said you didn’t feel the same way I think it’d tear me apart

And all those stupid love songs finally make sense

I want to break all these walls and climb every fence

That might be between us- and this is burning inside

I’ll never get over you even after I die

You’re like a flame that showed me a whole other side to night

You’re my ghost and you’re my wishes and my light

And every whenever they ask I say I’m doing fine

But I’d be doing better if I was sure you were mine

You know for you I’d fight every battle and chase down each mile

You know I love the way you laugh and I love your smile

I’ve never wanted something so bad

You’re so perfect that I swear that it will drive me mad

You’re my dream come true, You’re the perfect dare

I can’t take the heat and pretend that I don’t care

Because I am trapped and I am dying

I’m chained to the ground and yet I’m flying

This isn’t just a fly- by feeling

My heart is slamming and my head is reeling

I’m trying to grab onto this moment

Keep a firm hold and always hold it

I’ll never leave you by yourself or alone

 I don’t need more fire- I’ve got enough of my own

Instead you have the patience and control that I need

I love you so much it’s hard to breathe,

I know this is all stupid, but please just do this

Don’t ever let go, just make me one last promise…



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