It feels like I’m stuck as a kid forever

No one will take me seriously ever

And people think that the words I write

Are from someone much older with more experience with life

People say thirteen’s an unlucky number- maybe their right

Sometimes I just want to give up on this endless fight

Grown ups will just laugh at me

They can’t ever take me seriously

But I think that I’ve seen more than they realize

And I’m not a stupid little kid- and here’s thirteen reasons why

ONE: I’ve struggled with myself, asked myself all the whys

TWO: I’ve been forced to stand back and watch all my best friends say good- bye

THREE: I’ve been pointed out over and over for what I believe

FOUR: I’ve had more than one person go out to get me

I’ve had people tell me they’re better and call me worthless is FIVE

And SIX is all the times I’ve wished I wasn’t alive

SEVEN: Is all the time I’ve sat in the locker room and cried

EIGHT: Is the day my friend’s brother died

When my coaches tell me I suck and I’m not good enough is NINE

TEN: is all those nights when I’d wished back what was mine

ELEVEN: Is when I’ve taken countless insults but no one cared

TWELVE: Is the memories these halls and I shared,

THIRTEEN: Is living in a nightmare with countless scars

All those times people have gone too far

Maybe one day it won’t seem like a  bad dream…

But for now I’m just thirteen



6 thoughts on “THIRTEEN

  1. Hi there! I really enjoyed your style of writing. Only suggestion (From Community Pool) I have is your background. How bright the sun spot is really messed with my eyes as I was trying to read. I kept squinting and would have to stop and look away from the screen.

    As far as all the things you are dealing with, at your age it is normal. I dealt with the same things, and I swear it does get better; I thought I couldn’t make it through but I eventually came out the other side. Although, I’m 25 now, and even in my career I am still questioned by my elders, just something you’ll have to accept and try not to hold on to. 🙂

    Keep writing!

    Liked by 1 person

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