Flames are burning, hearts are pounding

In the background drums are sounding

Looking straight into your eyes

In the end one of us dies

This is powerful, this is right

I’ve waited years until this night

You once brought me down crashing to the ground

And now thanks to you we’re both going down

The circle of fire casts ominous light

Illuminating the ground where I’ll fight my last fight

There’s blood, there’s sweat there’s so many tears

Facing head on our biggest fears

You once stole my wings and I fell into the sea

And now this is when you go down with me

It was your fault because you forced me to break

And I worked up for this so now I equal your strength

Maybe when you crash and burn

That’s at long last when you’ll finally learn

What if feels like to have it all

Then to be tripped up and fall

I hope you know you’re going to die

But I guess I can’t laugh because so am I

This is the end to all of your lies

This is the last night I’ll ever cry

I’m going to take back everything that you took
My name’s going down in every history book,

We’re going to killed and it’s going to be hurt

So what were we planning? Well, we weren’t

And now here is where the circle ends

I hope I’m clear in the message I’ll send

That whenever you stab someone right in the back

You’d better be ready for the counter attack

The fire is burning far too bright

This is the last fight

This is the last round

It’s finally time…

We’re both going down



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