I know you’re all tired of my stupid love songs

You probably think I should just move on

That I should find something else to write

And I’m not going to lie- you’re all probably right

You probably all think that I should just shut up and sign out

But just know this- I only write about the people who deserve to be written about

And yeah, I should probably find something better to do

But there’s someone out there- and if you’re reading this then my last song’s for you

I just want to tell him that if you still remember me

Then just remember that I thought I was setting you free,

And I hope you find all the good that the world has to bring

And let me tell you something

That I’m with you always- you’re never alone

And if you ever need someone just pick up the phone

And I won’t forget you- not once ever

And I’ll be there when you need me right now and forever

And if you’re ever worried, you’re ever scared

Whenever you’re crying then I’ll be right there

This is a promise- it’s written in stone

And if you ever need it then I’ll be your home

This one’s for you- no fingers crossed

Now this one’s to the one I lost

I know that you’re all probably sick of

Me writing about love

But I need to at least tell him that

No matter where you’re at

I’m always going to be there- right by your side

Like I was whenever you’ve cried

And if you’re ever sad or lonely

Just turn on your phone and call me

And if you’re ever hurting and locked up by chains

Then you know my number- I’ll take away the pain

I’m here for you whether you like it or not

And help you through any problems you’ve got

And this I promise, this I swear

That whenever you need me I’ll always be there

I never could’ve counted up the cost

So this one’s to the one I lost



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