Don’t we all just wish for something

And I just want one thing

I want to be the one who’s with you now

Slow dancing in circles around and around

Because as her hair catches the light

As she smiles at you it just doesn’t feel right

This isn’t the way it’s supposed to be

Because I wish beyond wishes that it was me

Candles and chandeliers are lighting the room

Outside hangs a glowing round moon,

If you think I couldn’t look you in the eyes like that- I could

And when she doesn’t kiss you back- I would

I wish that it wasn’t this way

And when I’m with you time just flies away

When you take her hand and you start to dance

It just reminds me of a lost chance

And when your hands hold her waist

As your kisses fall on her face

I turn away so you can’t see

That I wish beyond wishes that it was me

All around the party fades to a blur

All I can see is you and her

When you gaze like that into her beautiful green eyes

Something inside of me collapses and dies

And when I see that there’s mere inches keeping you and her apart

It crushes my dreams and shatters my heart

That should be me with you, laughing away the night

It should be me with you, and everything would be right

And if you kiss her one more time then

It will just kill me for the thousandth again

She’s golden and laughing and oh- so smart

It took about five seconds before she had your heart,

While I’m just here- just one of your friends,

But I could chase you until the world ends,

And tonight

When you hold her tight

I’ll be cast into some distant corner of your memory

Lost in the midst of a raging sea

I try- I count to one, and then to two

And at three I accept I’ll never get over you

She’s so beautiful, everyone can see

But I wish beyond wishes that it was me



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