Been so many places, Seen so many things,

Gotten a whole lot of the bad that the world has to bring,

I’ve seen blood in rivers and falling like rain

I’ve been through heartbreak- the worst kind of pain

I’ve stood by the ocean side

Alone because all my loved ones have died

Either that or they left me alone

So I gave up on love and I don’t call anyplace home

I’ve been tried in court and lost at sea

I’ve had guns aimed and people chased me

I’ve had long tortured nights that I’ll never forget

I’ve fired bullets into a blood stained sunset

And I won’t break under what they say

And I’ll die my own way

Because I’ve had a lot of dizzying nights

Had a lot of dangerous fights

Had a lot of people die

Seen a lot of scarlet skies

Stared out at night

At all the city lights

Wondered why this life is mine

And I think it’s time

 So this is the last good- night

Of a too- long short life

I’ve caused a lot of pain, Silenced a lot of voices

Turned all the wrong turns, made all the wrong choices

Well, I can’t change what I’ve begun

Can’t undo what’s already been done,

Can’t put out the flames of this raging fire,

I can’t do it anymore, I’m scarred and I’m tired,

I’ve made a lot of bad decisions, made a lot of mistakes

Killed a lot of love, caused a lot of hearts to break,

I’ve run off of fear and anger and hate

I regret everything, and I just need an escape

So you can call me a coward- taking the easy way out

But bravery isn’t what this is about

This is about how eventually everyone dies

And this is the best way I can think of  to apologize

So tonight I’m going to shake this town,

I’ve done all the right things so now I’m going down

 So now I can finally find rest

And hope that it was all for the best

So this is the last good- night

Of a too-long short life

This is the last

The last

Last night

My last chance

To set everything right

In the end

I’m winning this fight

It’s my last chance, so for now…

Good- night



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