Sometimes I wonder what I would say

If I met a person from centuries before today

I’ll bet they’d think it’s wonderful what the world has become

Would I explain all the things people have done?

They’d wonder about all these new tears and broken dreams

And I’d just say “Welcome to the year Sixteen”

It’s supposed to help, I know, it makes no sense,

Some bright new thing stealing your innocence

But is it really that surprising? People aren’t always what they seem

And we’ve become the leaders of cutting down self esteem,

But it’s not like they help

Because some people do it to themselves

I’ll do something and it becomes the latest new hit,

It’s all over Facebook and my Instagram followers love it

And then they put a heart on it because they like what they see

And it’s all too easy to forget that what they like isn’t me

Someone comments and it makes my day

It’s too easy for the media to blow me away

I don’t want this to become one big black hole

One swirling loss of self- control

And then when I’m all alone

I’ll think it’s okay, all my friends are just in my phone,

Sorry, but that’s just not the way it should be

And when people heart it it’s just because they like what they see

It’s a big big world, you’ve never met these people before

And while their your “friends” on Facebook… They’re not really yours

And so stop staring down at your screen,

Get out of your daydream

Let me tell you,

There’s a lot in life to do

Because one day

You’ll wonder when your life slipped away

And right now you may laugh

But trust me- one day you’ll wish those years back

So don’t regret it then

Because you won’t get back time again

So be free, and laugh, and love and give

Get away from your phone and go out and live



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