One night

He and I got into a blowout fight

It had a massive price to pay

Because both of us ended up walking away

So as time passed I moved on

I’d find out where I truly belonged

The time dragged instead of flew

And I wished I could tell Him none of the other boys came close to you

I felt like love was hopeless

My life was a giant mess

And every other relationship I entered always died

Because none of them knew the right way to apologize

Time never flies

I couldn’t forget the look in His eyes

Under the setting sun

When I said “We’re done”

I couldn’t get Him out of my head

And I couldn’t forget the things that we said

And none of the others came even close

And I wished and I wished I hadn’t let Him go

So I called up His phone one day

But according to the message He was away

It took so much courage then

And it made me so nervous I couldn’t do it again

But every other relationship that I tried

Never worked- none of them knew the right way to apologize

One day as I was at home

Yet again hanging up the phone

Another “love” with someone besides Him ends,

Sorry, hope we can be friends

Whatever, I don’t really care

I’m still not over the memories He and I share,

That other guy cheated and lied

But it didn’t kill me inside

he couldn’t even apologize

If your confused when I say

That they’re apologizing the wrong way

Their not saying sorry

The blame’s all on me

I couldn’t take this lifestyle anymore,

And then there was a knock on the door

And I’ll never forget the moment when

I opened it- and was staring at the love of my life again

And He said

“I can’t get what happened out of my head

What I did was so stupid,

I’m sorry I blew it

You mean everything to me

and I really am sorry

I don’t want your heart to break,

I made such a dumb mistake

I’m sorry for this mess,”

And that’s why I said yes

When He asked

“So can I have one more try?”

Because that’s the right way to apologize



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