Just another day of doing what I always do,

Going about my routine- then I run into you

Here I am facing you- how long has it been?

Both of us thought we’d never see each other again,

But now as I look into your eyes,

I can see all the questions- those thousands of why’s?

Both of us hoped we’d never again meet,

And now we recognize each other in a heartbeat.

Memories flashing inside my head

That night both of us nearly wound up dead,

Everyone around us is wondering why I’m backing away,

I wish I could answer, but how could I say

What happened, what it felt like, why we couldn’t go on?

Why we had walk away and act like we were strong

Because how am I ever supposed to explain,

All the fear and the heartbreak and the deaths and the pain?

This is me now- I’ve moved on

I’m just like everyone else- it’s where I belong,

Being with you was like taking a stupid dare

Everyone’s wondering why we both look so shocked, so scared,

How can I say to them “It’s just now what it seems,”

Ask “Have you ever loved someone since you were sixteen?

Have you ever known someone since you were kids

And wasted away whole years in a daydream like we did?

Have you ever danced under star shine above,

Looked into someone’s eyes and realized you were in love?”

We thought we could be a secret forever,

But we both knew we shouldn’t be together,

But we were all high off our feelings and just wouldn’t stop,

And the sea of emotions flowed up over the top,

The secrets became chains and they locked us down,

The sound of people crying in fear all around,

Have you ever been forced to say one last goodbye,

On a cliff lost in a bloodstained sunset as you were about to die?

Have you ever had that kind of price to pay,

Watching the person you love save your life by walking away,

Have you ever felt like a knife stabbed you right through,

As the love of your life says “This is for you”?

Have you ever had something fixed in your head that you’d never forget,

Being killed by your own regret,

Have you ever had someone break your heart,

Make a silent promise to stay apart,

Because people got scared and all of those lives were lost,

And throwing away your dreams and taking up the chains is the cost,

So now here we are face- to- face, it’s been years

Since all of those chains and all of those fears

Should I just move on and walk away?

But if I didn’t then what would I say..?




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