Isn’t ELA just the best class ever? I think so. Currently I’m reading the book To Kill a Mockingbird (an amazing book by the way) and in class we are writing diary entries or poems in one of the characters perspectives, and I being who I am, decided to write a poem, which is from Tom Robinson to Mayella Ewell during the period in which he was (if you haven’t read the book DON’T GO PAST THIS!!!!!) in prison, about to try and escape.


It all happened so fast- your arms around my waist,

That ice cold feeling of your kisses on my face,

I can’t believe this because

I was the one who was there for you when no one else was

This net of lies you wove- me taking you down across the floor

And you pretend that my death’s just settling scores

And you conjure up a story full of heartbreak and tears

Chased on by a raging storm of hidden, shadowed fears

You accused me of doing something that I never would,

Getting on you just because I could

You’ll be the one to win in reality,

And I still can’t believe that you did this to me,

When I ran out to escape the fight,

I kept thinking over and over how it wasn’t right,

Now you’re saying I’m the one to blame,

Sailing us through a sea of endless pain,

You’re a traitor, you’re a coward, you’re a liar

And I can’t take the heat from this fire,

I wanted to help you- that’s what hurts the most,

And I know you’ll be forced to live with these ghosts,

And I hope you’ll always remember what you’ve begun,

And be forever haunted by what you’ve done,

I’m not going to go down in silence

So here it goes… My one last act of defiance



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