They think that I am not good enough, That I can’t put up a fight,

They say I am a failure behind my back, But I know they’re not right,

They say that all I can do is turn and run away,

But I’ve never listened once to what they have to say,

Because they all think that they have it all,

Pride will come before the fall,

And I know something that they don’t,

I’ll survive when they won’t.

They say that only the strong will last,

Words are scars that carry the past,

And when they all fall apart and break,

They’ll see me there- The symbol of strength.

 Quicker than the river and stronger than a storm,

Battle struck and lightning torn,

The freezing night couldn’t put out the flame,

They once laughed when they heard my name,

Now they’re begging for forgiveness on their knees,

Saying all the good about me,

But I’m human too, And I have faults,

Like a heart turned to ice after words like rocks,

Because sticks and stones may break my bones but words can always hurt.

Careful what you say because it will always come back to you,

And when it does it will run you like a knife straight through,

You can be killed by guns and swords,

But you’ll carry worse wounds by spoken words,

And if you’re like me and refused to break,

Then stand beside me- The symbol of strength




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