You try and hunt me and you carry a gun,

Chasing my shadow as I’m off on the run,

You’ve saved my life and I know you don’t hate me,

And I know you hate them too and you want to be free,

But you don’t need to stay on their side,

Come and join me for the wilder ride,

Together we can make them hunt through every street,

Ready to catch us the next time we meet,

Scanning all over and searching all around,

Running in circles trying to track us down,

They can chase us down but we’ll always get away,

They’ll be after us each night and day,

But we’ll be together and we’ll be on the run,

Laughing and wild and free and young,

Never scared of them coming up from behind,

Because we’ll never be caught- We’ll escape every time,

We can run off together into the blood red sunset,

This is a decision you’ll never regret,

Come with me- We can be happy together,

And I know that I’ll love you forever,

Or you can stay with them and be my enemy,

This is you’re first and last chance to run away with me,

Come – run with me over fire and water and frost,

Or stay and forever think of the chance that you’ve lost.



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