Remember an entire lifetime ago,

Before the storms of ice and snow,

Back when we were young and we’d play war,

With a line in the dirt and two wooden swords,

With invisible guns with soundless shots,

And now years later look at the mess that we’ve got.

Look at the arguments and the too- real fights,

Turning our backs when we believed we were right,

Look at the real swords and the shooting guns,

Look at all the blood we’ve spilled under the shadowed sun,

Look at the blood that falls like rain,

Look at the secrets, the betrayals, the pain

Why couldn’t we go back and pretend

That we were still friends and the war’s just play again?

Look at the tangle of hopelessness,

Our friendship turned into a violent mess,

But I still remember playing with you out in the woods,

Back when things were all still good,

Back when we were still best friends,

Before the fall came after that summer ends,

I wish that we could melt all this red frost,

I wish we’d never lost what we’ve lost,

I’m haunted by all my dead loved ones voices

Wishing I could stop fighting but I’m out of control of my choices,

Wishing we’d never fought those wars and crossed those lines,

And now the consequence- only one of us can survive,

Wishing all those people hadn’t died,

All because of us and what we’d chosen to hide,

Wishing I could escape this terrible fate,

But the choices were made,

And now it’s too late…



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