Over the course of my life

I’ve done over one million things that I know weren’t right

But I think you should know

My biggest mistake was letting you go…

I never should’ve sparked that fight

Now I keep practicing ways to make it right

And I know that you don’t believe it’s true

But I meant it when I said I love you

I just wanna get us back on track

The only thing I ever want is to have you back

I know deep in my heart that you’re the only one

And I regret everything that I’ve done

I hear the story of us in every sad love song

And if I could I’d go back and fix everything I’ve done wrong

This is not just an insane hallucination

I’ve never thought of someone more

I’m trapped in self- frustration

I’m more sorry than I’ve ever been before

And no, you’re not going crazy

I really do regret my mistakes

No, you’re not just seeing things

I’m sorry I made your heart break

Just let me show you I’m sorry somehow

Because I’ve never fallen in love before now

This is not just a crazy illusion

This is more than than a trick on the mind

I want our story to have a better conclusion

And I really am sorry this time




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